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Changing life quality through nutrition

SNE is a European association representing
the views of its members, who are the dietetic
food industry associations of the EU Member States.

Supporting gluten intolerant consumers in achieving balanced nutrition

  • Gluten intolerance, also known as coeliac disease, is an autoimmune condition which impacts millions of European consumers.
  • About 5 million Europeans suffer from coeliac disease, and it is estimated that a further 5 million are undiagnosed, but suffer from the condition.
  • Without adequate diagnosis and treatment, coeliac patients risk the development of other conditions such as osteoporosis and diabetes.
  • Gluten ingestion causes the body to attack its own cells, leading to inflammation of the small intestine.
  • It is a lifelong, genetic condition, but can occur at any age in a consumer‘s life.
  • Coeliac disease does not present symptoms without exposure to gluten.
  • Once diagnosed, it can be managed through effective dietary treatment, to help protect against the development of other serious medical conditions.

What we do

  • When a consumer is gluten intolerant, many ‘regular’ foods become off-limits - including bread, pasta, breakfast cereals and biscuits.
  • SNE members produce special gluten-free foods that meet coeliac nutritional needs and that are similar in taste and texture to products containing gluten, helping to mantain the gluten free diet all life long.
  • Gluten-free foods act as effective and healthy substitutes for products that normally contain wheat, rye or barley and allow coeliacs to enjoy a varied and complete diet with confidence.

A closer look at our products

  • SNE members produce substitutes for a range of foods that would normally contain gluten.
  • For further information and clarity about the recent EU regulatory changes on Gluten-free labelling, please consult the related SNE Guidance.



About 5% of turnover is invested in research:

the food industry average is 0,53%

The annual turnover of the specialised nutrition industry across the European Union (including exports) is around €24bn


The specialised nutrition industry is a world leader:

each year, exports total around €8bn